The First of Many to Come…

Hey everyone.  Welcome to BreakingNorms!  I wanted to start by giving a shout out to my buddy Alex who has always been a great supporter in trying to get me to keep on blogging.  In addition, I wanted to offer my thanks to I Will Teach You to Be Rich (IWTYTBR) and No More Harvard Debt for being sources of inspiration.

Since we are all short on time, I thought it be best to come straight out with what this blog is NOT about….

  1. How a man who came from nothing rose to greatness.
  2. A student facing MASSIVE loans and credit card debt.
  3. A whimsy pansy blog looking to complain about life and offer no solution or insight.

That being said, it’s time to get on with what this blog IS about…

  1. A regular grad student (who has no savings) trying to pay off $15,000 in student loans before interest starts accumulating in May 2012.
  2. A regular guy trying to figure out how to not only get his spending under control, but to also somehow manage to save for upcoming milestones (e.g., house, wedding, car, etc.).
  3. A regular twenty-three year old doing all that he can to ensure that he doesn’t end up just like everyone else.  After all, how can one expect an extraordinary life if he/she simply follows the norm?

All in all, BreakingNorms is a chronology of my attempts to avoid average results and how to become an outlier.  Through this blog, I aim to share my struggles, successes, and failures.  I will be as candid and transparent about the tools and methods I use as I can possibly be so that you will know what I’m working with so you can  modify or use them to your needs.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at and I’ll be sure to get to you within a day or so.  Thanks for stopping by!


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