“I Love My Job, But It Made Me Poorer”

This week’s post is to help put some perspective on the alternative methods that I’ve been presenting lately.  In the article, “I Love My Job, But It Made Me Poorer,” by JD Samson, JD talks about the misfortune of having a job that she loves yet does not enjoy the financial success that many others seem to have.  In JD’s scenario, she pursued the one avenue that draws a lot of criticism: music and the arts.

Let us assume that you are like JD, and your passion lies within the arts.  Unfortunately for you, even though American society is far more open to the idea of trying to become a successful musician or artist (as compared to Asian culture), I’m pretty sure that a majority of parents would still have their reservations about pursuing this field.  Though it pains me to admit this, they have good reason to have their reservations.

For many of us, pursuing our passion and deviating from the norm is risky.  There is a solid chance that we might not be successful, and possibly end up in a less than desirable situation.  Many of us could end up like JD, in a position where we are questioning where we went wrong in our path to breaking norms and living a different life than the factory produced life so many seem to have.

In the end however, even that struggle to figure out what went wrong is simply that: a struggle.  What people forget is that you took a shot at what you wanted to do.  You stepped up to the plate, and you swung for the fences even though you were about to strikeout.  Even though it’s easy to look at those who have achieved success and admire them, there is a great deal of respect and admiration for those who have tried, failed, and got back on their feet so that they could move on.

We all know that life is ephemeral and nothing we do or create will ever be permanent.  Even the safest routes have their struggles and obstacles, so why not struggle and fight for something you want and believe in?  Take a deep breath.  Step forth.  Have no regrets.  And go forth with what your heart desires.  It’s your life.  Live it to the fullest.


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2 responses to ““I Love My Job, But It Made Me Poorer””

  1. butterflyxwings says :

    Today I saw this quote and I think it applies here:

    “You don’t go to war because you think you’ll win. You go to war because you believe in what you’re fighitng for.”

    btw, read the JD article….she’s a woman, hehe. oopsies! 😉 (i think it’s the butch haircut, lol)

    and yes, i agree with ya, we should go forth in our battle and live our life to the fullest because it’s ours.

    • BreakingNorms says :

      It’s funny that you mention that quote because I also read a similar one recently.

      “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

      And ahhhh!!! Good catch. Rats… when I was writing this post I even tried to double check, totally missed an extremely telling line about it too. (The confusing part was that she compared herself to making 54 cents on the dollar of a heterosexual male so I got thrown off).

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