The Path to My Dream Job – Introduction

So I know that everyone is probably itching for how I managed to get my dream job and how they can do the same, but before my methods and rationale would really make a lot of sense to you, I think it’s really important to explain my background so that people don’t assume incorrect things about why I managed to get where I am now.

Education wise. I’m nothing really special. In high school, I was never anything stellar like some of my classmates. I spent a large portion of my undergrad teetering between dental school and the vast unknown. As a result, my attempts at preparing for dental school yielded a mediocre GPA.

On the flip side of the coin, I’ve had a number of random jobs over the course of my life. In high school, I did some work as a salesperson for a windows company for like a month. In undergrad, I worked in various seasonal/internships including: student clerk with the university transit department, executive assistant with a small business, dental assistant with an endodontic office, and a program assistant at a NICU facility (e.g., an intensive care unit for babies). All of them were pretty much part time, and very scattered in regards to job experience.

After figuring out that dental school wasn’t for me, I considered getting an MBA; but all the programs that I looked into would’ve cost me like $50,000+. In addition, I knew that the market was over saturated with MBA’s and that the odds of me getting a job to pay off the debt were going to be slim at best. So luckily for me, my mom had done her own research and discovered that my alma mater had a graduate program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. At the time, I/O Psychology sounded like an MBA with a psychology spin. It was a very niche group of psychologist, and could possibly increase my job marketability. With that in mind, I applied, got into the program, and graduated with my BS in Psychology.

At this point, I’ll be honest with you; I still had no idea what I would be doing. The only substantial decision I had really made at this point in my life was to drop my aspirations for becoming a dentist. Unfortunately, this left me like a lot of other undergrad graduates: jobless, headed for some debt (although not nearly as much as most people go into for grad school), little direction, and completely unaware of how I was going to survive the already grim economy…

Next Week: The Beginning of My Graduate School Chronicles!


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2 responses to “The Path to My Dream Job – Introduction”

  1. nate451 says :

    I await the rest of the story with anticipation!

  2. Josey Schwartz says :

    This post is handsomely written. I can’t wait to read the next posts.

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