The Path to My Dream Job – Chapter 1

Undergrad had come and gone, but fortunately for me, the following factors were playing in my favor:

  1. My parents were happy to have me home (which alleviated the pressure of me quickly finding a job).
  2. I got along with my parents just fine, so Perk #1 was not going to really interfere with my independence.
  3. My grad program was located only 15 minutes away from home.
  4. The Stafford loans that I was approved for was just about enough to cover my grad school tuition.

On the other hand, I was dealing with these other problems as well.

  1. I was unemployed.
  2. Like everyone else graduating in this economy, the prospects of finding any decent work seemed quite bleak.
  3. While my program is a relatively niche part of psychology, I wasn’t really sure if the degree would really help to increase my job marketability.
  4. Probably most importantly of all, I still had absolutely no idea how I was going to move forward with the rest of my life. (I have a whole rant on how society’s system is largely to blame for this, but more on this another time.)

As graduate school was quickly approaching, I was anxious to get started and finally break my die hard habits of procrastination and a lack of focus. Like most people, the “next” step in my life felt like a clean slate: new classmates, new professors, and a chance to start over. And like most people, it doesn’t take a professionally trained psychologist to predict that twenty-three years’ worth of habits and predispositions quickly tramples over that clean slate feeling.

More importantly however, the unemployment bug was starting to get under my skin. So I did what most people do: I skimmed around the university’s job catalogue, perused around, set up my account on… in other words, a lot of gibber jabber and busy work that honestly ended up being not doing a damn thing for me. Well, to be fair, ended up netting me a bunch of calls for sales positions. In fact, I even got a call from two different  recruiting companies and even went to interview for them as well. None of it ended up going anywhere (although I do have my own thoughts about sales positions in general, but that is for another time). Fortunately for me however, out of the many random applications I sent out, I happened to get a phone call to intern (more like volunteer) part time at a non-profit. Little did I know, that this was one of the major pieces of kindling that eventually help to send me blazing down the path to finding my dream job…


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4 responses to “The Path to My Dream Job – Chapter 1”

  1. Josey Schwartz says :

    Another well written post. I love that you’re writing a series, too. And as you may be aware, I’m hooked, waiting for next week’s post. They make my Monday’s a lot less depressing.

  2. Stephanie says :

    Really interesting way to present your story – can’t wait to read next week’s chapter!

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