The Path to My Dream Job – Chapter 2

Let me backtrack a bit, because I forgot something that many can empathize with…

After moving back home, you would think that an unemployed undergrad graduate with a generic Psychology degree and no inkling of what he was going to do with his life would get his ass in gear and try to figure it out. Yeah… I’m sad to say that I was very much the norm in this case…

I did what most people would do when they suddenly have vast amounts of free time: I did everything except trying to figure out what I was doing with my life. I poured myself into all sorts of hobbies: Go/Weiqi, World of Warcraft (Yes, I had a level 80 Blood Elf Shadow Priest and I’m not ashamed to show my true nerd colors), Photography, CrossFit Training, etc. There’s nothing wrong with this, but let’s be honest, I needed to actually spend some time job hunting. I mean, sure, I occasionally looked at those job newsletters that the university sent out; but I never really tried to look for a job. Looking back, I’m wonder whether it was due to a lack of direction, or perhaps a subconscious fear of being unable to actually get a job. Either way, I failed to take any significant action towards gaining employment.

During my first semester of graduate school, through a bit of luck, a friend helped me get into an internship at a non-profit. I was feeling elated because I felt that I had gotten one step closer to employment. In reality however, it was just a part-time volunteer position that really didn’t provide much solid job experience. My friend and I got some great stories and got a chance to hangout a lot, but otherwise, it didn’t contribute much resume wise.

In the end, neither of our efforts to help the organization become less liable to legal scrutiny or avoid the usage of invalid data came to fruition. Our supervisor thought he knew what was best and paid little heed to the fact that he had brought on two graduate students as interns. I really think that he was looking for undergraduate research assistants who would do his every whim. It’s safe to say that we didn’t get along in the end.

After a month or so, we were tired of how we were being treated. Instead of just complaining about our situation however, we tried to figure out what our next move would be. And coincidentally around this time, I was informed of an opportunity with a Federal government agency that hiring for about twenty to thirty student interns. Although I’d heard of how competitive getting Federal internships can be, but I figured that I’d take a shot anyhow. Lucky I did, because this internship was about to set the stage for my journey to my dream job.


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