The Path to My Dream Job – Chapter 4

So this should be the conclusion where I tell you about my happy ending and how I managed to get a coveted full-time government position when the economy sucked. Wrong.

At first, like anything else that is new to a person’s life, it was very exciting and interesting. After all, I had never worked in the field of HR (Human Resources) before and welcomed the challenge of learning a new field. I had some magnificent co-workers, and I was enjoying the benefits of working for the federal government (particularly the flexible work schedule… loved it!). I was quite happy with my position for awhile, but once I really began to settle into the job, that’s where the issues began to arise.

For those who don’t know me, one of the best ways to lose my attention span is to try and get me entrenched in minute details. By this, I’m not trying to say that I don’t like being detail oriented or anything, but when I’m bombarded by policies and little intricacies of what I can or can’t do because of a ton of political…. ooo…… paper bag……..

Let’s just say that I quickly grew tired of being a cog in a wheel. It was difficult to really affect any kind of change, and the solution to getting on with your day was generally knuckling under and just hope that the next recruiting effort you get isn’t nearly so riddled with nonsense. So around this time, I really got to wondering, “Is this really what I want to do the rest of my life?”

I had a set career and path laid out for me at this point: I was essentially guaranteed a career growth up to around 80k – 90k (and that’s excluding the possibility of being promoted to higher leadership positions). The benefits were fantastic (even at the lowest tier, I was getting around 12 vacation AND sick days ON TOP of Federal holidays). And to those who haven’t been in this position, I know it sounds magnificent. The only thing missing however, was that feeling of passion and self-actualization.

So by this point, I was already in my second and final year of grad school. Yet, I was back to square one with the question I should have asked myself from the very beginning, “What direction do I really want to take my life in?”


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