The Path to My Dream Job – Chapter 5

Throughout my life, I have had various career aspirations: music/art –> education –> computer programming–> medicine–> dentistry –> psychology–> dentistry–> entrepreneur ventures –> dentistry –> law –> business –> project management –> I/O psychology –> law –> and finally… human resources. (If you think that is a random mix, I didn’t even include the stuff that I explored on the side as well [e.g., becoming a writer, relationship counseling, etc.]). And the problem was that it wasn’t because I was ADD or couldn’t stick anything out, it’s just that I was unsure of what I was doing. Everything was interesting, and it’s not like I ever had any issues acquiring new skills or knowledge. Dentistry was the closest I had come to really trying to pick a direction. Unfortunately, the sciences just bored the living hell out of me and I could never bring myself to really care about the material. I loved the idea of being a dentist, but I just couldn’t get past the science material.

So fast forward back to the present moment in the story, I have a federal government job in HR. I’m set for a well paying career with great benefits. I know that everyone who is in the job hunt right now would view that as the holy grail of jobs; but once I had actually achieved it, it just wasn’t what everyone jazzed it up to be. I have my own perspective on why the federal government is NOT for everyone, but that will be for another post. The more important matter at hand is the fact that I now had a full time job, yet I still felt utterly directionless. So what did I do to try and gain traction? I started to learn and research everything I could about the idea of a “dream job.”

I read so many different blogs, books, and articles on trying to find a job that one could be passionate about. There are vastly different perspectives on tactics towards getting your dream job, let alone whether or not the whole notion of a dream job is a joke. Ladies and gentleman, as living and breathing proof, I assure you that the dream job concept is very much real and achievable. I will go more into the various takes on the dream job and methods to get there, but the one question that really sent me stumbling down the unbeaten path was this:

“What do I find myself doing for free?”


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2 responses to “The Path to My Dream Job – Chapter 5”

  1. Josey Schwartz says :

    I swear we are one and the same. I started out pursuing exercise science/kinesiology, then nuitrition, then writing, then theatre, then financial economics (which was probably the most serious attempt other than my current trajectory), then philosophy, then sociology, then, finally, interdiciplinary studies, which I molded and played with quite a bit before coming out with social sustainability.
    so, like I said, one and the same.

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