The Path to My Dream Job – Chapter 8 – Conclusion

First, I find out that my skills were “too junior.” Then, after knowing I was only up against a single candidate and getting feedback that the interview went well…. Crushed. Broken. Whatever word you want to use, I definitely was at an all time low.

Meanwhile, I had received a call from the Beta-Inc. regarding another opportunity to interview with them for a different position. The recruiter said that my feedback on my first interview was so good that they wanted to give me a shot at an invite-only open house. Now while this may sound like great news to some of you, the position I was interviewing for was one that I did not think I was qualified for. Up to this point, I felt my skills were really more on an introductory to novice level if anything, and some of the job description requested for a decent amount of experience (usually around two to five) on things I didn’t know too much about.

After getting rejected twice from both Alpha-Inc. and Beta-Inc., I was ready to just throw in the towel and try and possibly go for another graduate degree while improving my skills so that in the future I would have some shot at actually getting a job in the field. While this may seem normal to some people, remember this: I was already in a graduate program in which I was accumulating some debt (not much, but a good chunk nonetheless), and then on top of it all, I was thinking about sinking even further into debt and quitting my job (because the program I would have wanted to go to would’ve been like $60,000 and in PA). High risk indeed.

The interview was two days away. I had one of two choices: continue feeling terrible about myself and let my own misery ruin a possible opportunity, or I could learn to stomach the rejection and get ready for one final shot before committing to an extremely high risk path. I chose the latter of the two, and spent the remaining time doing all I could to prepare for the interview. Before I knew it, the interview had come and gone.

A few days later, I received the fated call informing me that I was going to be offered a full-time position with Beta-Inc. as an Associate User Experience Consultant.

There are many words that would attempt to describe how I felt at the moment: ecstatic, elated, cloud nine… but in the end, after all the trials and rejections that I had gone through, the relief and happiness that I felt to know that I had finally reached my dream job is indescribable.

Finding and acquiring the dream job that some people believe to be mythical? Mission accomplished.

In light of wanting to move on to tactics and mentalities about the job hunt, this will be the final chapter of the series. In the future, I will be revisiting my story and fleshing it out with more details; but until then, I believe it’s time to move on to things that you can use to find your own dream job. Starting next week, we’ll be starting on topics I believe are critical to anyone’s success in the job market.


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9 responses to “The Path to My Dream Job – Chapter 8 – Conclusion”

  1. butterflyxwings says :

    Good to know it worked out for you in the end! I was hoping for a description of this dream job. Could that be an epilogue?

  2. nate451 says :

    It was great to finally read the conclusion of your job search story. I’d still love to hear more about what you’re doing now. As I told you before, getting your foot in the door is the hardest thing in terms of technical skills: from now on, you’ll get paid to get better. Congratulations again!

    • Ben says :

      Thanks man! We should get together soon to catchup and so that I can finally meet your son! =D

      • nate451 says :

        I’m going to be a selfish new parent here and say that sounds great – I just need you to come out here. 😉 Any upcoming weekend where you could stand the thought of the long drive out here, we’d love to introduce you to Axe.

    • Ben says :

      By no means is that selfish! Haha. Of course we’d make the drive up to see you guys. Let me check with Stet to see what her calendar is like and I’ll shoot you an email when we have some tentative dates for you!

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