Inspiration – This Is It.

Happy Fourth of July week to all those who live in the United States! Since this tends to be a very celebratory week with vacations and time spent with family and friends, I thought it be best to take some time and inspire you in taking this opportunity to turn over a new leaf and begin your life with a different approach. I hope that this helps put a new spin on how you’ll view life from this point on.

This is it.

Today’s not a warm-up.
It’s not a dress-rehearsal.
There is no second act.

What you do with it.
Where you take it.
Who you bring.

These things matter.
No do-overs. No tomorrows.
No gimme’s or get-backs.

No single moment holds more power.
Nor potential than this.
To bless or fail.

This, too, shall not pass.
Nor yearning manifest.
Until you own it all.

Rise up.
This is it.


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3 responses to “Inspiration – This Is It.”

  1. butterflyxwings says :

    All I can think about are the fires that started in Colorado. I have a friend who just moved there and I just hope she and her family are doing OK. 😦

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