Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career – TED Talk

TED Talk Series is now making its comeback to my regular monthly schedule! For those who have yet to realize the amazing knowledge and perspective that can be gained from this amazing series, keep an open mind and prepared to enrich your mind!

As we return to the whole concept of the job hunt, it’s really important to wonder whether or not the beliefs passed onto you by the educational institution are really worth anything. After all, we are told that we will go on to have great careers; but what does that really mean?

Today’s TED Talk is given by Larry Smith on “Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career.” If you are even remotely thinking that you want to have a great career, trust me when I say this is worth your time.

For those who still seem to need some convincing, here are some highlights. I won’t elaborate, because I really do want you guys to watch it to get the full effect; but here are some of my favorite moments.

  1. Attempting to reassure yourself by telling the world that you are “competent” is nothing more than damning yourself into oblivion.
  2. There is a fine line between crazy and genius.
  3. Some people believe, “If I work hard, I’ll have a good career. Therefore, if I work really really hard, then I should have a great career.” Don’t worry. The world will give you plenty of opportunities to work really really hard, but who gave you the crazy notion that equaled a great career?
  4. Passion and interest are two very different things. After all, who says, “Marry me darling! You’re interesting!!” I assure you it won’t happen and you’ll die alone.
  5. “If only I had…” is the last phrase you want echoing through your head once your life has passed you by.
I hope that these five points were interesting enough that it has peaked your interest to watch the TED Talk. And in case you’re thinking that my highlights are good enough, there is an anecdote he posits at the end of the lecture that stopped me dead in my tracks. It certainly helped spur me forward with my life, and I have a feeling it will help motivate you too.
So again, please check it out and let me know what you thought of it below!

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